The Dog Debate: Ruff Decision

So my and my sweety are deciding about getting a dog or not. The breed that we have decided on is a cocker spaniel, but really, the decision is a tough one. Dogs bring joy and love to any house, but also complicate your life. It is like having a baby that will never grow up, that will never be able to talk to you or take over his own maintenance/feeding/entertainment/health. But let’s discuss the pros and cons to dog ownership, before we really make a decision:

1. Love love love. Both me and my sweety grew up with dogs, and we love them. We love how they make us feel, we love their friendship, we love everything about dogs.
2. Happiness. Companies like Google allow people to bring dogs to work because they know that dogs increase productivity, health, and happiness. I love seeing my puppy Jakie every time that I go to San Diego, he puts a smile on my face no matter what. You also feel inspired to do things that make him happy, because making him happy makes you happy!
3. Companionship. They are always there! No matter what you are doing: chopping veggies, gardening, cleaning, having dinner, they always want to be around their families. I love the idea of a furry companion in the house.
4. A Family. He is like your son and brother wrapped into one. You are Mommy/Daddy, and he loves you.

1. Expenses. WOW this is a big con. Food, veterinarian expenses, dog sitters/walkers, toys, repairs for things that they chew up/break/pee on, the list is endless.
2. The worrying. What if he’s bored? What if he is lonely? What if somebody stole him? What if he ate something he shouldn’t have? What if he escapes? What if he is too hot? What if he is hungry? OMG. Luckily my schedule is pretty much the same every day, and my sweety has a different schedule everyday. Maybe this doesn’t give him a solid routine as far as Daddy is concerned, but Mommy will always leave early and come home early, and that makes me feel a little bit better.
3. The poop. It’s not my biggest complaint, but I feel for our property it could be tricky to make it so puppy has a place to go-go without bothering the neighbors (or you).
4. Complications to your schedule. What if you want to go on vacation, what do you do with your puppy? What about taking him to the bathroom, or on a walk after work? What if I have to go give my English classes, can I take him with me to a pet-friendly place? It is a lot to think about.
5. Giving your puppy the attention he needs. Sometimes you are tired. Sometimes you want to go to the gym. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a Corona and football game. What if puppy wants to play? What if he needs to go for a walk, or play fetch? Without exercise and stimuli dogs become disruptive and depressed. Poor things.
6. Giving your puppy the space that he needs. Where do we put him when we aren’t home? It needs to be a place where he has shade, fresh air, toys, a place to potty, and ultimately safe. No wires, no scary spiders, nothing that could potentially hurt your puppy.

In my opinion, dogs make your life better. Like anything or anyone, dog ownership takes work. It is a big responsibility, it is never-ending, and is tiring. But guess what? It makes you happy, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and it is great to make your little buddy so happy. That makes me happy. They love you and you love them. Nothing is better than that!


The Dog Debate: Ruff Decision

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